The SafeThink™ Strategy

SafeThink™ is a structured critical thinking strategy for identifying agents of cause and conditions, actions, and events in the workplace that can interact to create hazardous situations. The goal of SafeThink™ is to prevent work-related illness and injury, all day, every day.


SafeThink™ is a rigorous way for your employees to remain vigilant, think about their work, assess their surroundings, and anticipate hazardous situations. The thinking process involves asking oneself a series of questions to determine if a hazardous situation exists or could be created. SafeThink™ is fully compatible with your company’s other hazard assessment and health and safety programs––in fact, using SafeThink™ can make your other programs more effective!
HDC offers two levels of Safethink™ training:

  • SafeThink™ Training for workers, supervisors, and safety advisors
  • Safethink™ Coach-the-Coach Training for coaches (5 day course)

    Safethink™ Training

    • 8 workshop modules (16 to 20 hours total)
    • facilitated by a qualified Safethink™ coach
    • locations, scheduling are flexible
    • includes course materials:
      • Training Manual
      • Workbook
      • Job Aid

    During each workshop, your employees will learn a new part of the Safethink™ strategy and practice applying it to their own jobs and worksites. They can start using Safethink™ from day 1––the objective is for employees to internalize the strategy so that it is part of how they think about their work, plan their work, do their work, and follow up on their work. For more information about the SafeThink™ training course, click here.

    SafeThink™ Coach-the-Coach

    We can train your employees to coach SafeThink™ to others in your organization so that training can be delivered when you need it, where you need it. Coaches are also given guidance for sustaining the use of SafeThink™ in the workplace. For more information about the Coach-the-Coach course, click here


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    The vision is zero illness and injury—
    the strategy is SafeThink™.