Benefits of SafeThink™

A structured critical thinking strategy for new and experienced workers, supervisors, and H&S advisors:

  • used “on the fly"
  • used continually
  • used in unfamiliar work conditions
  • useful for identifying hazardous situations created by change
  • reduces overlooking hazardous situations
  • improves monitoring of contractors
  • improves communication
  • useful when working alone and with others
  • reduces stress
  • gives workers more control over their own health and safety
  • useful when tired, complacent, distracted, emotionally upset, rushed, or over-confident
  • contributes to group collaboration, teamwork, and cohesion
  • fosters a personal commitment to safety
  • complements existing health and safety initiatives
  • contributes to a safer workplace
  • contributes to achieving corporate H&S goals