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Good safety training is not a brochure, piece of paper, lecture, or text book. It promotes a way of thinking, a culture!

Zero illness and injury is a goal for organizations only achievable when each person has the power to take ownership of personal safety.

For years, safety programs have focused on administrative controls, pre-planning, and observation-based training to avoid or reduce injury. At HDC, we have worked with industry to come up with the ideal safety program that will actually help and, most importantly, train your people how to identify and predict hazardous situations.

SafeThink complements existing health and safety initiatives, including administrative, behavioral-based, and person-based programs.

We know hazards are everywhere; having a rigorous strategy to identify and predict hazardous situations enables your people to be safe and productive.

"You're only as strong as your weakest link." is especially true when it comes to safety. That's where SafeThink is so valuable—it helps people be more effective at meeting their own resonsibilities for working safely, all day, every day. SafeThink also promotes a positive safety culture.

The program can be applied to any work environment—workers can use the strategy to identify and predict hazardous situations in their existing jobs, when assigned new job functions, or in unfamiliar work conditions.

The SafeThink program trains workers to use an innovative, structured, critical thinking strategy to identify and predict hazardous situations in the workplace. The structured critical thinking strategy requires workers to continually ask themselves a series of questions to determine if conditions, actions, or events could lead to or create a hazardous situation. This course also provides knowledge about agents of cause and controls to help participants apply the strategy effectively.

"Excellence — The Key to Success . . . People — The Key to Excellence"
Gordon Shand, President HDC

Benefits of SafeThink

Using SafeThink has many benefits for the organization, for the job, and for employees. For the organization, SafeThink can contribute to an improvement in business performance:
  • improved reputation
  • improved staff recruiting and retention
  • reduced losses
  • improved safety culture and staff morale
  • improved job performance
  • demonstrated due diligence

    For the job:

    • safe work permits are filled out with more detail
    • jobs are planned more thoroughly, resulting in the work being done more safely, efficiently, and effectively

    For employees:

    • 90% of SafeThink course participants say they would feel significantly safer or to a major degree safer if their co-workers and peers used SafeThink.

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